CHADIS In Orange County

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As one of the few pediatricians who use the innovative childhood behavioral condition screening process, known as CHADIS in Orange County, Dr. Shadab is able to help parents help their children before they stop by the medical center for an in-person assessments and tests. CHADIS questionnaires save both time and allow the medical staff to deduct fundamental information about the potential conditions a child patient may have or may develop.

How does CHADIS work?

Chadis In Orange County Dr Farrokh Shadab 300x209 - CHADIS In Orange CountyCHADIS is a program that was developed for both parents and pediatricians to help effectively diagnose, understand, and treat any behavioral or development issues in children or teens. The process begins with an online questionnaire for the parents that is then sent to the pediatrician, Dr. Shadab. The doctor then looks at the questionnaire and determines which further actions should be taken, if any. The reports and treatment plans that are developed are shared with other professionals, such as school staff.

The CHADIS program is designed to streamline a child’s care and to keep it consistent from one visit to the next. As a pediatrician that uses CHADIS in Orange County, Dr. Shadab’s hope is that the streamlined process will help your child to feel comfortable and experience a normal and well-adjusted childhood. CHADIS is designed for adolescents ranging from very young to teens.

The entire system is web-based to make for easy streamlining, and the use of the questionnaires can be billed to the child’s insurance provider. The streamlined usage means that one provider can easily refer a child to another without forgetting to provide any important information. The information can also be shared with teachers. The CHADIS system is used at each visit to track the child’s progress. In addition to creating a treatment plan for certain behavioral issues, CHADIS can also be utilized to track overall development and milestones. Since Dr. Shadab is a user of CHADIS in Orange County, you can get started with CHADIS by obtaining an access code from the doctor’s office.

Chadis In Orange County Dr Farrokh Shadab 2 300x255 - CHADIS In Orange CountyWhat are the benefits for parents and children?

The CHADIS system is beneficial for parents because it helps them to communicate concerns to the doctor without accidentally overlooking other things that need to be assessed. It also provides parents and doctors with a wide network of support and medical professionals that make for great resources. It also automatically provides parents with handouts and other informational pieces that can be helpful, and encourages the exchange of ideas and information among all of the care providers involved in a child’s life.