Irvine Kids Md

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Irvine-Kids-Md-Dr-Farrokh-ShadabTop Irvine Kids MD, Dr. Shadab, has been helping infants and children to live healthy, happy and wise lives for over three decades from his home base of Orange County, California. Today, the success of his thousands of child patients can be easily attributed to time-honored traditional western medical treatments and contemporary holistic methods that he utilizes regularly.

Preventative Care Focus

Preventative care is necessary when it comes to keeping your child – and the children he comes into contact with – healthy and without communicable diseases. It also allows pediatricians a chance to effectively prevent or start the process of treatment for illnesses before they become too much of a danger. An Irvine kids MD, Dr. Farrokh Shadab places a focus on preventative care in order to keep his patients as healthy as Irvine-Kids-Md-Dr-Farrokh-Shadab-2possible. Measures such as immunizations are very helpful and relatively simple when it comes to preventing illness. Only decades ago, these types of measures were not available for children. When you bring your children to see Dr. Shadab, you can rest assured that he will work carefully to ensure that you are aware of all that you can be doing to keep your child healthy all year long.