Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy - Our Philosophy

At Total Pediatrics Care our emphasis is on preventative care. Our goal is to support and advise parents, while forming a partnership with them to promote a healthy environment at home and in school. We have created a caring, compassionate medical facility where families with sick or injured children can come for treatment, help, and advice.

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Dr. Shadab is committed to providing the best quality pediatric healthcare possible. He is dedicated in his perspective and strives to afford comprehensive care for individual patients. In an effort to ensure the questions and concerns of parents and patients are fully addressed at all times, Dr. Shadab is available after offices hours and devotes infinite attention during office visits.

Dr. Shadab provides all levels of care from birth to adolescence. His philosophy of raising happy, healthy, well-rounded children is strongly linked to the solid building blocks of home and family life, along with educational and social development. We start early developmental screening at 10 months by PEDS & ASQ methods, and provide on-line system “CHADIS.” To deliver questionaires, visit www.CHADIS.com.