Child Immunizations

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Learn about how vaccinations can work to boost your child’s immune system.

Dr. Farrokh Shadab, one of the best pediatricians in Orange County, encourages his infant and child patients to get vaccinations as early as possible to prevent disease. Most mandatory vaccines can be easily administered to children, which fight such diseases as polio, measles, rubella, hepatitis, tetanus and others. His South Orange County pediatrics center provides both disease screenings and immunization against such illnesses. Many family doctors in Irvine, CA attend to perfunctory treatment, but Dr. Shadab provides a special touch and understanding for his little patients. “I care a lot about kids and their needs. I always reassure them that I am here to help,” says Dr. Shadab. Indeed, his bedside manner has always been supported and complimented by patient parents, as well as staff with children who see the doctor.

Many parents ask whether or not their children should receive vaccinations. Many are required by the state, especially for children who enter public schools. Some parents have concern over the pain it may cause their children or their child’s reaction to the actual vaccination, once it enters the system. Dr. Shadab assures his patients that most inoculations are administered without any issues, while some may cause minor fever or redness of the skin. Some important vaccinations that most children receive who live in the western world include: chickenpox, MMR, dTap, pneumococcal, HPV, rotavirus and others. Most help protect against strong viruses ,as well as ultimately help build the immune system of most children.

Contact our office to find out more about vaccinations for your children and how we can schedule vaccine administration for children ages 0-16 years.