Diagnosis and Treatment of Seasonal Allergies and Bronchial Asthma

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Dr. Shadab can diagnose and treat a wide variety of seasonal airborne, food born and other allergies, as well as respiratory asthma in children.

Dr. Farrookh Shadad, a doctor of children in Irvine, provides all of his infant and child patients with a complete screening of virtually all common allergies, including those triggered by house dust, animal hair, toy material, invisible bacteria and other sources. As one of the best pediatricians in Orange County, Dr. Shadab has an extensive background in both allergy and bronchial asthma detection and treatment. Dr. Shadab’s Irvine pediatrics center staff also has gained expert knowledge and can help parents determine what symptoms may indicate whether or not their child has developed an allergy. Many are easy to identify, such as when a child develops a rash shortly after ingesting a peculiar or obvious food substance. Others can be much more difficult to detect and may also result in several varying simultaneous symptoms that can confuse diagnosis.

Those children with asthma already have sensitive bronchial passageways, which may react to airborne material that causes an asthmatic attack. It is often the immune system of the child that sets up the strong sensitivity. Dr. Shadab checks many aspects of a child’s immune system and helps parents to boost their system through diet, as well as specific courses of medication and other treatments.

If you suspect that your infant or child has developed an allergy, be sure to take careful note of symptoms that include sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, wheezing and related bronchial signs. Also look for skin or eye redness, stomach ailment complaints and other issues. Once you’ve collected cursory information about your child’s symptoms, please call Dr. Shadab’s offices right away to schedule an appointment.