Diagnosis of ADD, ADHS and Autism

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We can diagnose and, in many cases, treat Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Syndrome, as well Autism.

Dr. Farrookh Shadad, noted as one of the best ADHD doctors in Orange County, has been able to both diagnose and treat some of the most significant disorders in children, including Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Syndrome and Autism. His ADHD assessment for children in Orange County is amongst the best and most comprehensive available.

Often, when a parent suspects that their child may have a significant developmental or mental disorder, it is good to see the doctor right away. He will be able to ask important questions about your child’s unique conditions and overall health. At Dr. Shadab’s Irvine pediatrics center, he can discuss your child’s social behaviors, communication types and level, as well as your child’s routines or excessive patterned behavior. The doctor will take into consideration your child’s stress levels, learning capabilities, or even complex anxieties that often lead to either ADHD or Autism. There can be overlapping symptoms, so it is important for your child to see the doctor regularly for careful tracking of the disorders.

You may first see symptoms or school staff may recognize some of the important flags to relay to your doctor. Behavioral recognition and testing are even more important than formal medical work to help you determine what you child may have. Dr. Shadab will not only create an accurate diagnosis, but also a prognosis that can help your child develop properly over time both in school and out in the world at large.