Growth Development and Regular Nutrition Assessment

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Dr. Shadab provides complete medical analysis of childhood growth, as well as nutrition assessment and healthy regimens for children.

As one of the very best development pediatricians in Orange County, Dr. Farrokh Shadab has a comprehensive understanding of children’s growth and nutrition. His big-picture approach to supporting childhood health has enabled him to help keep kids happy, healthy and wise. His Irvine pediatric group also educates parents to make sure that their children receive proper nutrition, which can be a challenge in the modern world. “We are constantly assaulted by advertisements for fatty, sweet or simply nutrient-deficient foods. And many people are influenced by these ads. We try to help kids get interested in healthy foods, exercise and other fun maintenance methods that support good health.”

In his Irvine pediatrics office, Dr. Shadab, provides several methods of assessing infant and child health, ranging from simple blood tests to psychological and cognitive testing. An extensive interview takes place amongst the doctor, parents and a patient (if he or she can speak), which all help to identify a child’s current state of health. The doctor will look over many different health areas, which include motor skills, reflexes/reactions, food and nutrition, hearing and sight, as well as medical history and past information. When children have been identified as at-risk, the doctor carefully looks for signs of disease or debilitation early in order to prevent significant health loss. Challenging births, premature low weight, in utero illness and other events may act as flags that help the doctor diagnose and treat children.

The doctor provides special checkup schedules for your child to make sure that he or she is completely on track in their health maintenance, treatment or rehabilitation.