Learning Disorders, Behavioral Problems, and Anxiety in Children and Teens

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Learn about how Dr. Shadab assesses and treats children of all ages and teens with a variety of learning disorders, recurrent behavioral issues and anxiety.

Dr. Farrokh Shadab, one of the best doctors in Orange County, has been treating children of all ages with various behavioral issues, anxiety and learning disorders for nearly two decades. In his state of the art Irvine pediatrics center, Dr. Shadab carefully evaluates and treats children with these issues over an extended period of time to make certain that their behavior adapts well to their needs and surroundings. Dr. Shadab provides ADHD assessment for children in Orange County and surrounding areas, as well as other specialty health assessment procedures.

To initially recognize anxiety or behavioral problems in your children, be sure to look out for such symptoms as extreme shyness, antisocial behavior, missed days from school, self-esteem issues, substance abuse and others. These will help you communicate with your child, as well as indicate a checkup with the doctor. There are several kinds of anxiety that may develop in your child, which include phobias or excessive fears about people, places or things, but more often, complex and unknown events and situations; OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder, whereby a child may act repeatedly or think excessively about a particular thing; panic disorders, when children are seized suddenly be fear, which may not be driven by immediate people or events and other generalized anxiety issues.

These issues are relatively common and Dr. Shadab can identify and address them swiftly. Dr. Shadab works with both parents and children to establish new healthy patterns of thought and behavior, as well as provides medication, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.