Newborns Hospital Nursery Visits

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Learn about how Dr. Shadab can provide complete checkups for newborns soon after delivery in a designated hospital or medical center.

Dr. Farrokh Shadab, renowned Orange County pediatrician, based in Irvine, CA, understands that infant health must be assessed and taken care right from birth. So, he provides a crucial doctor visit for newborns soon after delivery in a designated hospital or medical center. Dr. Shadab will screen for important childhood diseases. He also will make sure that your baby has a normal temperature, gets vaccinated, and receives important medication and provide other crucial procedures. He also performs baby circumcisions. His Irvine pediatric group, a collection of some of the best pediatricians in Orange County, has developed a stringent set of screenings and assessments for infants.

Dr. Shadab has a special and kind touch, one that is necessary for infants who are adjusting to the world and bustling hospital settings. He will also help parents understand more about their baby and how to care for him or her, as well as provide information about regular pediatric visits and care that will follow to support baby health and well being.

Look to Irvine pediatrician Dr. Shadab to make sure that your infant is taken care of right from the start. After initial assessments, the doctor will be happy to schedule a series of crucial follow-up visits that will help insure your baby’s health and well being.