Well Babies and Child Checkups

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Dr. Shadab can help you understand how to keep your child well through simple precautions and habits, as well as regular pediatric checkups.

Irvine pediatrics specialist, Dr. Farrokh Shadab, as one of the best practicing Orange County pediatricians, strongly encourages parents to bring their infants to his pediatric group for regular checkups, as well as learn about simple precautions and habits. As a seasoned development pediatrician in Orange County, Dr. Shadab will likely suggest a series of visits for your infant, which include the first few days after delivery; months one, two, six and nine; a one year visit, then two more checkups until age two. Annual checkups typically follow. During those crucial checkups, Dr. Shadab will often administer vaccinations and will screen for several diseases. This Irvine pediatrician can provide some of the best autism assessment in Orange County. He is also one of the best ADHD doctors in Orange County and can assess this and other childhood diseases, as well.

If you need a baby circumcision in Orange County, CA, then Dr. Shadab can perform the simple hygienic operation on your infant easily his South Orange County pediatrics center after childbirth during one of the baby’s scheduled appointments. As your baby grows older, Dr. Shadab will check on behavioral patterns and other regular development issues. This will involve parents too. Dr. Shadab will ask parents many questions that baby will, of course, not be able to answer directly.

As one of the best doctors in Orange County, Dr. Shadab will care for your little one and make sure that he or she will grow to be a happy and healthy child.