Autism Assessment Orange County

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For complete and cutting-edge autism assessment in Orange County, Dr. Shadab offers several methods that create an accurate diagnosis and treatment for his child patients. These include a thorough line of questions about socialized interactions, communication levels and excessive behavior, as well as laboratory genetic tests and complete blood work.

What are the common signs of autism?

Autism is measured on a wide spectrum, so there are a variety of symptoms that are Autism Assessment Orange County Dr Farrokh Shadab 300x199 - Autism Assessment Orange Countyspecific to each case. However, some of the most common symptoms of autism include an inability to interact successfully on a social level and the lack of verbal and nonverbal communication skills. A child with autism may also lack a wide variety of interests and instead place an overwhelming amount of interest on one particular area. While these signs do not always indicate autism, they are relatively common markers. In order to really know if your child has autism, you will need an assessment. As a seasoned pediatrician in the area, Dr. Farrokh Shadab is able perform a thorough autism assessment in Orange County and evaluate any possible signs and symptoms for a concrete diagnosis.

How is autism diagnosed?

Since autism is on such a wide spectrum, some children can show only mild symptoms while others deal with more severe developmental issues. It is often hard to diagnose autism in a child before the age of two years, so most diagnoses happen after this Autism Assessment Orange County Dr Farrokh Shadab 2 300x199 - Autism Assessment Orange Countypoint.Some children with autism struggle to initiate forms of affection from loved ones, like cuddling or reaching out to be picked up. Most children with autism have some level of difficulty communicating with others, relating to other individuals and to the world around them, and knowing when to behave properly. The struggle of diagnosing autism lies in the fact that these signs don’t necessarily indicate that there is something abnormal going on. Because children are still developing, not making proper eye contact or struggling to communicate can be regular behaviors as long as they are not constant issues. Dr. Shadab can perform an autism assessment in Orange County that includes a thorough examination and plenty of questions about your child’s development and behavior at home.

Should I be nervous about an autism diagnosis?

Although autism is a disorder, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of things that children with autism are perfectly capable of doing – in fact, the nature of autism can mean that your child has some advantages. For example, individuals with autism have amazing memory capabilities and are quick with visual and auditory tasks. And depending on where your child falls on the autism spectrum, an accurate diagnosis can be a step in the right direction toward getting your child the help he or she needs through different types of therapies. At our center, we make sure that you come out of your autism assessment in Orange County with a clear plan and a positive outlook.