Baby Circumcisions Orange County CA

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Parents who seek baby circumcisions in Orange County, CA often turn to Dr. Shadab for this simple procedure.

Dr. Shadab has performed thousands of circumcisions for infants. This procedure helps to increase overall levels of bodily hygiene for babies. It can be performed in a matter of minutes at the Total Pediatrics Care Center in Irvine.

What does baby circumcision entail?

Baby-Circumcisions-Orange-County-CA-Dr-Farrokh-ShadabCircumcision is the removal of some or all of the foreskin from the top of a baby boy’s penis. Clamps and surgical scalpels are used to remove the skin, and the process is very quick with little pain. While baby circumcisions are sometimes performed as a religious preference, they are also commonly performed for hygienic purposes. As an experienced pediatrician, Dr. Farrokh Shadab performs baby circumcisions in Orange County, CA as part of his services. The circumcisions performed by Dr. Shadab are done with great care and gentleness. The doctor is also available to answer any questions parents have regarding circumcisions and what the process is like. He will also provide you with care instructions to make sure that your baby’s circumcision heals properly.

What kind of anesthetic is used?

As a doctor who adheres to a certain standard of care for baby circumcisions in Orange Baby-Circumcisions-Orange-County-CA-Dr-Farrokh-Shadab-2County, CA, Dr. Shadab provides various forms of anesthesia for baby boys undergoing circumcisions. The type of anesthesia or pain relief that is used depends on your baby and which type Dr. Shadab feels is best. Numbing cream, which contains lidocaine and prilocaine, can be spread on top of the penis before the procedure to eliminate pain. It wears off shortly after the procedure.

A type of nerve block can also be used at the base of the penis to numb the nerves during the procedure. This type of anesthetic wears off a couple of hours later. It also works faster than the numbing cream. If your baby is having a hard time when the procedure, you can also try dipping his pacifier in sugar water as a form of pain relief. Acetaminophen after the procedure is also effective.

Don’t worry about how to decide on a type of anesthetic for your baby boy. Dr. Shadab will focus on determining the best route using his years of experience.