Best Doctors In Orange County

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If you’re looking for one of the best doctors in Orange County, then look no further. Dr. Shadab, whose pediatric methods keep thousands of kids healthy in the Southland, understands both a child’s immediate and long-term needs in order to sustain peak health – all through contemporary treatments. Dr. Shadab works with children and parents to institute a plan of nutritional action, too.

Newborn Hospital Visits

Best Doctors In Orange County Dr Farrokh Shadab 300x199 - Best Doctors In Orange CountyWhen Dr. Farrokh Shadab comes to visit your newborn in the hospital, it will be the first of many routine checkups. He does this to make sure that your baby is well enough to go home from the hospital, and also to establish a relationship with you and your new child. During the visit, Dr. Shadab will discuss any issues that you might be having with your newborn, such as feeding troubles, and how to overcome them. He will also perform an exam of your child that includes an evaluation of her vital signs, ears, eyes, throat, and limbs in order to make sure that she is thriving and adjusting well to life outside the womb. After the examination, Dr. Shadab will discuss his findings with you and answer any questions that you might have about newborn care. Following the hospital exam, you will see Dr. Shadab with your baby within a few days for an exam in the office.

Routine Check-Ups and Well-Baby Visits

After your baby is born, you will need to bring your child in for regular well-baby visits at Best Doctors In Orange County Dr Farrokh Shadab 2 300x193 - Best Doctors In Orange Countyour office. These visits will be very frequent at first, but will gradually occur only once per year as your child gets older. The visit begins with a recording of your child’s height and weight, so that Dr. Shadab can track his or her progress and make sure there have been no sudden gains or losses that are a concern. The doctor will then check your child’s mouth, heart, lungs, ears, nose, and eyes to make sure that there are no issues. If your child is due for any vaccinations, he or she may receive them at this visit.

Each check-up also includes a period of time for you and Dr. Shadab to discuss your child’s development. As one of the best doctors in Orange County, Dr. Shadab will take care to ask you about your child’s milestones and eating and sleeping habits. It’s also a good opportunity to ask the doctor about any concerns you may have.