Best Pediatricians In Orange County

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Dr. Farrokh Shadab, identified in many regional medical directories as one of the very best pediatricians in Orange County, has been able to successfully treat child patients through a combination of sincere bedside manner; thorough analysis of clinical findings; direct treatment and

regularly scheduled successive check-ups. With both traditional and holistic approaches, Dr. Shadab has kept kids happy and healthy all over the Southland.

Preventative Care Focus

Best-Pediatricians-In-Orange-County-Dr-Farrokh-ShadabPreventative care is important in all patients, especially children. Kids are often exposed to many more illnesses and diseases in child care and in school, and their weaker immune systems can make them even more susceptible to getting sick. Dr. Farrokh Shadab’s approach to preventative care includes regular immunizations that help each child stay healthy and reduce the risk of illness, and that is part of what makes him one of the best pediatricians in Orange County.

Preventative care is also important because good health means that each child has a chance to grow and develop on track according to their age. This in turn improves the child’s quality of life and keeps him on track as he progresses through childhood and through school. By choosing a pediatrician that places focus on preventative care, you are taking one more step to ensuring that your child will live a healthy and happy childhood.

Newborn Hospital Visits

Your child needs to receive a check-up from a pediatrician within the first twenty four hours following birth. Regardless of the health or conditions of the baby following delivery, pediatrician examinations are an essential part of monitoring growth and development. The very first check-up is performed right in the hospital and gives the doctor a chance to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

Best-Pediatricians-In-Orange-County-Dr-Farrokh-Shadab-2At these visits, Dr. Shadab, one of the best pediatricians in Orange County, will give your new baby a full examination. He will check motor reflexes and ensure that all of the proper measurements have been taken and that other diagnostic tests, like a hearing test, have been performed or are scheduled to be performed for your baby. These visits are a good opportunity for new parents to ask Dr. Shadab questions about how to care for the new baby or voice concerns about sleeping or eating issues. After you are discharged from the hospital, you will see Dr. Shadab again in his office a few days later for a full check-up.