Development Pediatrician Orange County

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As a top development pediatrician in Orange County, Dr. Shadab has been able to diagnose and treat many children who have developed Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Syndrome, autism and Attention Deficit Disorder. While some of these conditions require more clinical research advancements, others can be addressed and treated directly through various behavioral therapy sessions developed by Dr. Shadab and medication.

Development Pediatrician Orange County Dr Farrokh Shadab 300x199 - Development Pediatrician Orange CountyDr. Shadab specializes in the diagnosis and management of such behavioral issues. He has spent nearly two decades treating children of all ages with ADD, ADHD, and autism, along with other learning and anxiety disorders. As a comprehensive care pediatrician, Dr. Shadab places his focus on evaluating and managing these issues over long periods of time in order to adequately provide the best possible care.

Dr. Farrokh Shadab, one of the best doctors in Orange County, has been treating children of all ages with various behavioral issues, anxiety and learning disorders for nearly two decades. In his state of the art Irvine pediatrics center, Dr. Shadab carefully evaluates and treats children with these issues over an extended period of time to make certain that their behavior adapts well to their needs and surroundings. As a development pediatrician in Orange County, Dr. Shadab provides ADHD assessment for children in Orange County and surrounding areas, as well as other specialty health assessment procedures. When a behavioral or anxiety issue is spotted, Dr. Shadab addresses it immediately and works together with the parents in order to improve the situation as quickly as possible, all while taking into consideration the child’s complete needs. His assessments for these conditions are comprehensive and well known and respected throughout the Orange County area.

Preventative Care

As a development pediatrician in Orange County, Dr. Shadab places importance on Development Pediatrician Orange County Dr Farrokh Shadab 2 300x201 - Development Pediatrician Orange Countypreventative care rather than just being someone your child sees during an illness. Taking your child to the doctor for regular scheduled check-ups is important so that your child can stay healthy and the doctor can notice potential issues early. During the first year of life, the well visits are very frequent. As your child gets older, the visits will become annual – but still very important. At these visits, Dr. Shadab makes sure that your child is growing and developing properly both physically and mentally. These visits are an opportunity to make early diagnoses on potential issues, which can open the door for better treatment options and happy developmental years.