Irvine Pediatric Group

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Total Pediatrics Care Center, the leading Irvine pediatric group led by Dr. Shadab, provides advanced medical services that promote the healthy lives of both babies and growing children. The center’s primary medical personnel include two registered nurses and a complete administrative staff to facilitate the process of check-ups and treatments for all kids.

After Birth Hospital Visits

Irvine Pediatric Group Dr Farrokh Shadab 300x199 - Irvine Pediatric GroupOne of Dr. Farrokh Shadab’s responsibilities is to make visits to newborn babies in the hospital. This allows him to become familiar with the new baby and parents in preparation of years of gentle pediatric care. At the newborn visit, you can expect the doctor to make sure that your baby is thriving after birth. He will check the baby’s eyes, ears, nose, and throat to make sure that they are functioning properly, and will check the limbs and newly cut umbilical cord. Additionally, Dr. Shadab will check for any signs that could indicate a problem or that your baby is having trouble adjusting to life outside of the womb. Fortunately, many potential issues are manageable if they are caught early by a pediatrician, which means that a visit from our Irvine pediatric group after birth is essential.


A major aspect of the preventative care focus at our facility is with check-ups and well-baby visits. These visits allow Dr. Shadab to catch any potential issues early, but the visits are also important to track the growth and development of your baby. At some check-ups, your child may need to receive immunizations as well in order to follow the recommended schedule.

Irvine Pediatric Group Dr Farrokh Shadab 2 300x199 - Irvine Pediatric GroupAt a typical check-up at our Irvine pediatric group, your child will be weighed and measured so that we can track his or her growth and make sure there are no sudden changes. Then Dr. Shadab will talk to you about your child’s eating habits, sleeping habits, and ask other developmental questions. These visits are a good opportunity for you to talk to the doctor about any issues or questions that you may have about your child. Although the exact nature of the visit changes as your child gets older, they still remain an important part of making sure your child is progressing normally, and are a great tool for providing preventative care. For this reason, it is very important that you schedule these visits regularly and keep Dr. Shadab informed of any changes that you notice in your child.

Seasonal Allergies and Asthma

Irvine pediatric group physician Dr. Shadab specializes in handling seasonal and foodborne allergies, as well as respiratory asthma. A well visit is the perfect opportunity to talk with Dr. Shadab about your concerns, but you can always call and schedule another appointment if you need to have a screening completed. Dr. Shadab will perform a complete screening that covers dust, pet hair, bacteria, and other potential allergens. You can trust that your child’s physician will evaluate potential allergy symptoms carefully, even if they are hard to detect.

If your child is found to have an allergy, characterized by sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and other signs, Dr. Shadab will work with you to improve your child’s immune system through dietary changes, medications, and other treatments.