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Amongst some of the most noted Irvine pediatricians in the greater Orange County area, Dr. Shadab stands clearly apart from the others. His sensitive yet shrewd approach allows him to interact, understand, diagnose and ultimately treat all of his child patients’ medical issues through a variety of traditional and holistic medical means.

New Baby Hospital Visits

New babies need their own specialized care after coming into the world, so it’s important Irvine Pediatricians Dr Farrokh Shadab 300x201 - Irvine Pediatriciansthat your baby is seen by a seasoned pediatrician while still in the hospital. Dr. Farrokh Shadab visits new babies when they are about one day old and before they are discharged from the hospital. At this visit, he gives babies their first check-up, which entails a general check to make sure that everything is functioning properly and that there are no problems or complications with breathing, eating, messing diapers, or anything else. As one of the top Irvine pediatricians, Dr. Shadab’s presence in the hospital also gives new mothers a chance to ask any questions they have about their new baby, which can involve anything from feeding to sleeping or upcoming newborn care at home.

Check-Ups and Well-Baby Visits

Irvine Pediatricians Dr Farrokh Shadab 2 300x235 - Irvine PediatriciansA routine pediatric check-up will be performed on a regular basis by Dr. Shadab. These visits allow the doctor to see your child’s progress and development, as well as observe any potential problems and catch them early. The visit will start with a measurement of your child’s height and weight so Dr. Shadab can see how your child is growing. Next will follow a physical exam that covers your child’s vital signs and skin condition and finally, a discussion for plan of care so that you and the doctor can discuss any potential issues. Dr. Shadab will likely ask you questions about your child’s eating habits, sleeping habits, time spent in school, etc., depending on your child’s age. No matter how old your child is, all visits are in place so that you can keep track of your child’s development and share any of your concerns with the doctor. You will be told about mental and physical milestones that you can expect your child to reach in the time between the current visit and the next one. If your child is due to receive any vaccinations according to the recommended schedule, he or she may get them at this visit from our Irvine pediatricians office.