Orange County Pediatricians

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Amongst the most sought after Orange County pediatricians for infants and kids, is Dr. Farrokh Shadab, who has been practicing well over three decades in the Southland. Dr. Shadab combines both the most progressive traditional assessment and treatment methods with holistic-based modalities that help to both quickly identify and correct childhood maladies.

Hospital Visits for New Babies

As one of the top Orange County pediatricians, Dr. Farrokh Shadab’s care for children Orange County Pediatricians Dr Farrokh Shadab 300x193 - Orange County Pediatriciansextends beyond sick care and begins while they are still in the hospital after birth. This visit helps Dr. Shadab build a repertoire with both mother and baby, while giving him an opportunity to make sure that the baby is doing fine with life outside of the womb. During his visit to the hospital, Dr. Shadab will check to make sure that the baby is breathing, eating, and going to the bathroom properly. He will also make sure that there are no pressing issues with the newborn that could put off discharge from the hospital. New parents will have a chance to ask the doctor about any questions they have, including the baby’s efforts at sleeping, eating, and other basic newborn care concerns.

Routine Check-Ups and Newborn Well-Baby Visits

It is extremely important to follow the recommended schedule of check-ups and well-baby visits throughout your child’s developmental years. In fact, these visits are the key to our focus on preventative care because they allow Dr. Shadab, one of the top Orange County pediatricians, to catch any issues early.

Orange County Pediatricians Dr Farrokh Shadab 2 300x199 - Orange County PediatriciansAt a check-up, your child’s height and weight measurements will be taken so that we can track his or her growth and make sure there are no sudden changes to be concerned about. Dr. Shadab will also conduct a typical physical examination, which includes checking your child’s nose, ears, eyes, mouth, heart, and lungs. Dr. Shadab will also ask you questions about your child’s eating and sleeping habits, and might want to talk to you about your child’s time in school if he or she is older. These questions help the doctor determine whether or not your child is meeting certain developmental milestones in the mental, emotional, physical, and social areas. This is also a good time to bring up any concerns or questions that you have to Dr. Shadab. If your child is due for vaccinations, he or she might receive them at this visit.