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For parents who seek the seasoned professional advice of a pediatrician in Orange County about the type and level of allergens that his or her child may be exposed to, Dr. Shadab can answer any and all related questions. Dr. Shadab has treated thousands of children with seasonal allergies, as well as bronchial asthma developed from a variety of exposure sources.

Seasonal Allergies in ChildrenPediatrician Orange County Dr Farrokh Shadab 300x199 - Pediatrician Orange CountySeasonal allergies are not just a common ailment for adults – they occur frequently in children, too. Allergies occur when a child is allergic to pollen or another irritant in the area. As a top pediatrician in Orange County, Dr. Farrokh Shadab is able to effectively diagnose, treat, and manage allergies and asthma in children. Although some may require a trip to an allergy or asthma specialist, most are able to receive the care they need from the pediatrician. While many children outgrow these types of allergies without any issues, some children with allergies experience discomfort that requires them to visit the pediatrician on a regular basis. As a seasoned pediatrician, Dr. Shadab can properly diagnose and manage allergies and help your child to stay healthy and comfortable.

Routine Check-Ups and Well-Baby Visits

Many parents are aware that keeping up with a consistent schedule of pediatric visits is important in a child’s growing years. The visits are frequent in the first year of life, but eventually become just annual check-ups as your child gets older. These visits are to Pediatrician Orange County Dr Farrokh Shadab 2 300x199 - Pediatrician Orange Countymonitor your child’s growth and development, so they will typically start with a height and weight measurement. Dr. Shadab, a seasoned pediatrician in Orange County, will then perform an examination that checks your child’s skin, mouth, ears, eyes, heart, and lungs. The doctor will also use a combination of observation and questions directed toward the parents in order to determine milestones of your child’s motor skills and emotional, mental, and social development. These routine visits are also a chance for you to ask the doctor about any questions or concerns that you may have about your child. If he or she is due for any vaccinations, they may be administered during the visit.

These routine visits are an important part of our focus on preventative care and allow Dr. Shadab to catch any potential issues early.