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There are more than a few Irvine doctors of kids in the area, but very few who cover the range of diagnoses and treatment plans offered by Dr. Farrokh Shadab. The doctor and his highly trained medical staff have successfully helped children to emerge from significant illness and disease towards lifelong optimal health.

Importance of Preventative Care

Unfortunately, up until medical advancements in the latter part of the past century, many Irvine Doctors Of Kids Dr Farrokh Shadab 300x199 - Irvine Doctors Of Kidschildren became sick with preventable diseases or suffered on their own from behavioral issues. Diseases like polio and measles were common experiences and could greatly affect a child’s quality of life, often causing complications that consisted of anything from paralysis to brain damage to joint pain. Dr. Farrokh Shadab’s focus is on preventative care, and involves the use of careful evaluations and immunizations in order to ensure that his patients stay as healthy as possible. This creates a domino effect that also helps to protect other children that could become sick from spreadable diseases.

Dr. Shadab, one of the best of a group of Irvine doctors of kids, understands that your child becoming sick isn’t just a matter of avoiding the major illnesses that can cause complications. It also means that you could spend a lot of time taking your child to get treated and cause him or her to miss school. With a focus on preventative care, you can minimize your child’s time spent at the doctor.

Newborn Hospital Visits

Irvine Doctors Of Kids Dr Farrokh Shadab 2 243x300 - Irvine Doctors Of KidsDr. Shadab’s dedication to your child begins at his or her birth. Pediatric visits typically happen within the first twenty four hours following birth. These visits are a chance for you to get to know Dr. Shadab and see him interact with your baby.

Dr. Shadab will go over all of your newborn’s health statistics and measurements. He will then perform an examination to make sure that your baby is breathing and adjusting well outside of the womb. He will ask you about your child’s eating and sleeping habits since birth and give you an idea of what to expect in the days ahead. This visit is a good opportunity for you to ask Dr. Shadab, one of the area’s top Irvine doctors of kids, any questions that you have about your baby or the care he or she will need when you get home. You will see Dr. Shadab again in his office a few days after your baby’s birth.