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Dr. Farrokh Shadab, one of the foremost doctors of children in Irvine, has been in active practice for over a quarter of a century in Southern California. His Total Pediatrics Care Center has and continues to treat babies and children with various ailments, ranging from autism and ADD to bronchial infections and nutritional deficiencies.

Newborn Visits

Doctors Of Children Irvine Dr Farrokh Shadab 300x199 - Doctors Of Children IrvineIt is important to have a pediatrician visit your newborn baby in the hospital in order to make sure that things are going well after the birth. When Dr. Farrokh Shadab comes to exam your newborn in the hospital, he will check the eyes, ears, and mouth, in addition to the limbs. He will also check to make sure that your baby is responding appropriately to stimuli such as sights and sounds. From there, he will check the stub of your baby’s umbilical cord to make sure that it is healing and drying properly. Additionally, part of the newborn hospital visit involves making sure that you, the parent, are prepared to take the baby home safely in a car seat and are well versed in sleep safety. This is also a good time to ask one of the top doctors of children in Irvine any questions that you have about your new baby.

Check-Ups and Baby Well Visits

Part of Dr. Shadab’s focus on preventative care involves encouraging parents to follow the schedule for their child’s check-ups very carefully. These visits are a great chance for Dr. Shadab to ask you about your child’s milestones, eating habits, and sleeping habits to make sure that he or she is developing properly. Since Dr. Shadab is one of the top doctors of children in Irvine, you should also take advantage of the chance to ask him about any questions or concerns you have about your child’s growth and development.

Doctors Of Children Irvine Dr Farrokh Shadab 2 300x199 - Doctors Of Children IrvineEach check-up will begin with a measurement of your child’s height and weight. These measurements help us know that your child is growing properly and with no sudden or drastic changes. Dr. Shadab will also examine your child’s head, lungs, heart, and reflexes, among other things. If your child is due to receive immunizations, he or she might receive them at this visit.

Behavioral Issues

Your well visits are a great time for Dr. Shadab to talk with you about your child’s development and behavior, but you can also schedule an appointment if you have concerns. Dr. Shadab, at the top of the list for doctors of children in Irvine, specializes in the diagnosis of issues like ADHD and autism, two conditions common in childhood that benefit from early methods of management.

Dr. Shadab also helps children and parents with anxiety and behavioral problems. He encourages parents to watch their children for troublesome signs like antisocial behavior, missed school, self-esteem problems, and substance abuse. Signs of anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can also include phobias and excessive fears, panic attacks, and more.

Since Dr. Shadab is skilled at recognizing these issues quickly, you can rest assured that your child will receive a thorough assessment and the best standard of care.